Questions about the Scribe System Products


Is the Scribe System a whole curriculum for History?

No, it is a support material, designed to complement your existing history and science studies. We have designed the topics around many of the popular home education curriculums and with an understanding of history from our educational backgrounds. Each book flows chronologically and you can pick and choose which pages to do that best suit your children's study.


My son doesn't like to write, will this work for him?

One of the nice things about Scribe books and CDs is that children are rewarded with creative drawing time in complement with narration and writing practice in a nice easy amount. Perhaps you can suggest that your son starts with just one sentence about his drawing. You can write in more as he narrates the work to you orally. As he begins to use his own words to "replay" the teaching you have done, he will be pleased at this record of history in his own words.


Why don't you include pictures for the kids to color?

We could have, however, we feel that simply giving children a picture to color only gives them the skill of coloring. Children LEARN from what they create, and it is so redeeming to see that your child "gets it" and can retell and illustrate the learning that they have accomplish in their Scribe books, they love it. It's almost like creating a graphic comic book of their studies and most children adore this system.

What is the difference between History Scribe and History Scholar?

History Scribe downloads and books on CD are designed for the elementary and middle school student. Each topic is covered with one page of information. The History Scholar downloads and books on CD are designed for more indepth history study, such as a high school student would require, or perhaps a very interested history kid! The History Scholar downloads and books on CD have two pages of fill in information such as a mini time-line, a biography, quotes, and best of all, a thought provoking essay question to get your student digging deep and thinking hard about the relationships of history and study.


Are the CD's difficult to use?

Not at all. If you are capable of using a computer in the most basic of ways, including using the internet, you should be able to easily use the Scribe products. All the books are stored in Adobe PDF files, and a simple click on the file name will open it automatically on nearly all computers. Adobe PDF Reader is a free program that comes standard on nearly all computers from the last 5 years and up. If you have a very old computer, you might have to download the program to read the files.

One of the nice things about the CD's is the ability to print just what you want, for all your children. If you are using a notebook style of learning, you can print and include the specific topics that you are studying. And another nice feature are the blank sheets that you can use for customized topics that might not be in the topic list. Many of the CDs include maps of the region as well, another nice feature.

Can I buy Scribe products off the web?

Yes, through our secure merchant shopping cart, you can rest assured that your credit card or PayPal information is safe. You can also call us at (419) 250-1096 or (419) 250-5096 during regular daytime hours and we'd be happy to take orders over the phone.


Are Scribe products available for automatic download?

Yes, all Scribe products are available as automatic download for very reasonable prices. You can have your lesson today! Within minutes!

If you are looking for individual books to download, please consider our authorized download center, www.CurrClick.com. We currently only sell 4 different combination packages that are very economical and easy to add to your homeschool library.

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Is it hard to download products? I've never done that.

It's really quite easy. Once you purchase the product, you will be sent an email with a specific link to where the product waits for you. Click the link and you will arrive at a page within our website where your product awaits you. Click the download link and it will be transfered to your computer.

If you have any difficulties, please email Sherri at Sherri@historyscribe.com and she will help you as quickly as she can. Or call, (419) 250-1096 and she will be happy to walk you through the process.

Once on your computer, you may need to "Un-Zip" the product. Many computers today will do this automatically for you. If not, please let us know and we'd be happy to walk you through the process.

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Do you offer discounts to home school groups or co-ops?

Yes, we do. Please contact us and we'd be happy to send you a wholesale price list. We have discounted rates starting at 5 copies so even groups of friends can get together to order books or CDs for their families.

Are there more Scribe products planned?

Oh, there are so many titles planned, we're not sure if we can get to them all! Please check back often, we are designing more and more titles each and every month! Thanks for asking.


Still not sure?

We have a free download file with sample pages for your kids to try...
Lots of fun and you'll love the ease they adapt to this system to help with homeschool study!


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Reviews about History Scribe Products


The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review - 2005

History Scribe
by Sherri Chekal and David Russell
Westvon Publishing P.O. Box 501 Maumee, OH 43537 (419) 250-1096

Sherri Chekal and Westvon Publishing have done it again! This time they've come up with something completely different than anything I've ever seen before. History Scribe books are so simple, yet so ingenious, all I could say when I looked through my review copy was, "Wow, this is SO COOL!" Each book is about a different topic. History Scribe: Ancient China has 38 pages with a subject relating to Ancient China along with a sentence or two about it at top. Then there is a space for your child to draw a picture about the topic and at the bottom there are lines for your child to write his own notes. Through drawing and written narration your child will create his own comic book of history! A sampling of the topics included in Ancient China are Shang Dynasty; The Great Wall; Literature, Arts, & Music; Religion; Food; and the Silk Route. Also, there is a blank page at the end of the book for adding a topic of your own. There are twenty History Scribes book currently available in several different subjects. Many more are in the works. Each book is printed single-sided on 28# premium paper so there are no worries of pictures bleeding through.

And that's not all. Westvon Publishing knows that those of us with larger families like to print our own pages. They've come up with a cost-effective Classical Education Combo on CD-ROM that includes Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome, Medieval Times, the Age of Discovery, and World Religions. This makes it easy to print out just the page pertaining to your studies. You make a custom book for your history program! I don't feel I can do History Scribes justice with words alone. Take a look at www.historyscribe.com for some sample pages.

--Product Review by: Dawn King, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine


Still not sure?

We have a free download file with sample pages for your kids to try...
Lots of fun and you'll love the ease they adapt to this system to help with homeschool study!


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The History Scribe and Scribe System of Learning Resources are available for homeschooling families that want easy and economical ways to help augment their studies with their families. Available as downloadable products and ebooks as well as in CDs that can be shipped to your homeschool, Westvon Publishing has created a great resource for learning about history, biblical scripture, fun science, military and other boy interested as well as geography. Each of our books have over 40 pages of forms for you to print and use as a support items for notebooking, unit studies and other types of homeschooling. It is a great resource, creative and a delightful, creative way for your children to retain their lessons and save you time and energy!