History Scribe is:

A great way to learn about history with research, writing and drawing.
Children learn by rewriting and drawing what they have learned in their own words and images.

There are programs out there that offer historical coloring books with the writing and pictures done for them,
but what are they really learning but how to color?

With History Scribe books,
your children are the authors!

They work well in conjunction with all history programs and cover the key points of various time periods.
Each page offers a brief outline of the topic and some include timeline dates if you are also working with a timeline book.
And the rest is your children's effort.

Children learn from what they create.


Children learn by rewriting and drawing what
they have learned in their own words and images.

History Scribe books are not just fancy coloring book worksheets.
Each page offers a starting point for your studies
as well as room for your children to be creative and
enjoy drawing what THEY learned...
not just a picture to color and write about.

This is the best part about History Scribe...
your children create their own books
based on their grasp and understanding of the lesson you taught.

They learn to put their studies into a book...
not just how to color someone else's drawings


Available Books include:

  • Ancient Egpyt
  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Medieval Times
  • Age of Discovery
  • Ancient China
  • World Religions
  • Indians of North America
  • Colonial Times
  • Westward Ho!
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Progressive Years
  • The 20's & World War I
  • The 30's & World War II
  • Cold War 'Till Now
  • Timeline of Transportation
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Christianity
  • Popular Saints
  • Biography Series
  • The Space Race
  • Wild Wild West
  • Weather
  • Transportation
  • Ships
  • Military Forces
  • and SO MANY MORE!








Still not sure?

We have a free download file with sample pages for your kids to try...
Lots of fun and you'll love the ease they adapt to this system to help with homeschool study!


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The History Scribe and Scribe System of Learning Resources are available for homeschooling families that want easy and economical ways to help augment their studies with their families. Available as downloadable products and ebooks as well as in CDs that can be shipped to your homeschool, Westvon Publishing has created a great resource for learning about history, biblical scripture, fun science, military and other boy interested as well as geography. Each of our books have over 40 pages of forms for you to print and use as a support items for notebooking, unit studies and other types of homeschooling. It is a great resource, creative and a delightful, creative way for your children to retain their lessons and save you time and energy!